malec.wmv - not exactly the slashdot-effect, but darn close

A while ago I came across a verry funny videoclip of some men from Poland driving around in a modified car. To offload the site that had the clip, we (me and Torgeir) downloaded a copy and passed that URL off to our friends. Just a few hours later, the original site was taken down, probably due to high traffic.

Not long after, the URL for our copies spread like fire in dry grass. Our webservers got hit with a massive amount of requests, and Torgeir redirected requests for his copy to my webserver, since I have more bandwidth available.

In the past 24 hours, I have served out nearly 7000 copies of malac.wmv, with a total of 24GB. In average I have been pumping out a 2.2Mbit stream of data, and that is basically too much. Yes, my server can handle it. Yes, my ISP can handle it. But I'm eating up a too large share of the bandwidth and resources here.

Updated: There are now 8 places you can download the movie from. This is good :-) It also looks like the initial interest has died off, and the amount of traffic I've gotten to this page has been slightly reduced. Enjoy the short movie!

PS: Please don't link directly to the files in question. They might move around occationally.

Mirrors of the file. Please use these if you can:

Btw: Who the hell are these guys? If anyone knows, or they want to have some credit for this entertaining piece of film, let me know.

- Harald Paulsen <>

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